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Gyp Speaks Up







My name is Gyp and my humans, Ruth and Ben, who you can see here, have taken me traveling every opportunity they could. Little do they realize it, but when I lock my herding eyes on theirs, I’m actually sending commands to take me to new places with unique smells, sounds, and sights. We used to camp out or sleep in the back of our truck and I loved snuggling with them, ’cause their rule has always been, “No dogs on the bed or furniture at home!”

One day I overheard them talking about downsizing, as Ben was going to be retiring from a 30 year professorship at City College San Francisco―a border collie never retires, go figure?―and Ruth could work from anywhere with internet reception. (So that’s what she’s doing when she spends all day looking into those two little boxes!) They began looking into “tiny houses,” and as I lay on the floor beside them, I watched their expressions transform as questions arose like: A tiny house on wheels is cumbersome to move and prefers to be located in one spot. Ruth and Ben don’t like to be tied down in one place―I can relate to that!―What has wheels and can be moved from one place to another easily? An RV or trailer. What sort of vehicle is best suited to their artistic and aesthetic expression? (Yes, border collies have a sophisticated and profuse vocabulary.) What  would empower them to have a home on wheels yet the flexibility to get out into the wilds so that I could explore? An Airstream trailer!

So now you know about us, from the dog’s mouth!