Borders, edges, extremities, fringes, horizons, rims, frontiers;
Curiosity, captivation, beguilements, challenges, baffles, puzzlements, mystifying;
Nomadic, migrant, wayfaring, vagabond, peripatetic, gypsy, pastoral.

In the history of humanity, these words have evolved to express our deepest primordial fascination.

Man evolved seeking the high point, standing erect, eyes forward, searching the horizons for sustenance and safe havens. Then, as now, we ask the ever present question, “What’s over the edge of the horizon?” The captivating, never-ceasing genetic entreaty from “beyond” beckons us, and humans have answered, to explore and populate the world, reaching out to the heavens. The destination of humanity’s quest is a hall of mirrors curving just out of our field of view.

This compendium results from two people caught in the web of wanderlust, hungry to learn, mindful of the need to live a simpler life, and privileged with the technology and freedom to move at will. More than this, is the desire to share our experiences with those of like minds, and though you may be unable to realize our often fringe, mystifying, and gypsy lifestyle, travel with us and share the pleasure of our journeys, back stories, and destinations. These are adventures without beginnings or endings. Let’s hit the road!