By Ruth

Going through my closet and dresser drawers today felt like clearing out someone’s house after they’ve died. Thankfully, the only thing that bagshas died here
are those old size 10s I can no longer wear…. I won’t be fitting back into those any time soon (thank you, Menopause). The shoes were the hardest, but you can’t fit [# deleted] pairs of shoes in an Airstream.

We’ll soon be hitting the road for our next adventure, and we expect to be gone about a year. (Those of you joining us in New Orleans in April—we can’t wait!) We’ve rented our house to good friends, so it will still have people (and a very necessary dog) in it to help it breathe. We have some storage space, but what’s the use of storing clothing? If you can go a year without wearing it, you don’t need it. Okay, I admit it, I boxed up a few things. And I still have a drawer or two to go through. But, despite the regret I felt at bagging up some of my favorites, it also made me feel just a little bit freer. Letting go is the best feeling!

Autumn has come, and while the sunrises up on the ridge are almost painfully beautiful, we want to leave the cold and rain behind. Ready to hit the road!